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Training at SGO

Training - Making your business a success...

Whether you are a seasoned management professional or an entrepreneur for the first time, the SGO Designer Glass 2 Week training program will give you a head start on making your SGO business a success. Training begins after Headquarters has worked with you on site selection, competitive analysis, marketing analysis and pricing analysis in your market.

SGO provides a best in class two week training program located at the corporate offices in Orange, CA. This training is designed to give you in-depth exposure on a wide range of skill sets necessary to the business. SGO believes training and education is an ongoing process through annual regional meetings, conference calls, vendor roll outs and our annual convention.

During Week 1, you will work in the SGO Design workshop fabricating glass panels.

During Week 2, you will be exposed to a wide variety of business and industry topics with appropriate strategies for success. We will work with you to implement the plan for your new business including training and support on the following topics...among others:

Once You Leave the 2 Week Training:
The next phase of training is the on-site visits you receive from our seasoned professionals to assist you with your store set-up, new hire training, Grand Opening, promotion, and sales training. You will be given specific business protocols to use as you begin your path toward success.

Continuing Education for Continued Success:
Training involves the annual Owner's Meeting and the annual regional meetings open to both Owners and their design professionals. At SGO, we believe in a continuous "training the trainer" format for maximum results, along with an enthusiasm to keep learning and evolving as our network grows.


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