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SGO Sales Process

SGO is unique in franchising because we want you to "Test Drive the Franchise before you Buy the Franchise." We are looking for business partners and because of this view of franchising, our due diligence process is structured and objective.

One of the most important parts of our process is our market validation day. Prior to either of us making a decision, we will come to your potential territory to do an in depth market assessment and analysis with you and go on actual appointments with prospective commercial buyers to gauge your areas potential. We do this prior to granting a franchise or collecting any deposit from you.  We are unique in this aspect in the franchise world and it may give you an indication as to how seriously we take the relationship we are about to examine together. We pay for all the costs associated with the day before we ask you to make any decision.

Becoming a Franchisee is a two way evaluation process. Over the next 4-8 weeks you will be deciding if this business is the opportunity that will meet your financial and personal goals. At the same time we will be evaluating if you are the business owner that will meet our network's goals.

We view franchising as a partnership and we have 2 big questions we want to answer about you!

  1. Is your territory going to support your business on the level you require?
  2. Do you have the abilities to successfully run an SGO business?

Owning a franchise is a big investment, one that we feel needs to be experienced before EITHER of us make a commitment to go forward.

Below is an overview that details the decision steps that we will walk through together. It notes the activities we will go through in order to give us both the information we will both need to be able to make a final decision.

We look forward to working with you through this process and discovering if there is a fit on both sides!

Our Due Diligence Process

  1. Initial Qualification Calls
    1. Assess skills and needs
    2. Review business model
  2. Internet presentation
    1. Visually walk through the SGO business model
    2. Review of products, marketing, training & business model
  3. UFOC delivery
  4. Executive Approval Interviews
    1. 1 on 1 calls with the President, Vice President and Director of Franchise Support.
  5. Franchisee calls
    1. Call our network and talk with our owners
  6. Discovery Day/Open House
    1. Studio Tours
    2. Corporate Tour
    3. Meet corporate staff
    4. Leave your check book and contract at home
  7. Territory Defined
  8. Market Validation/Territory Review
    1. Market/Territory Homework by Candidate
    2. Appointments set with typical B2B clients
    3. Field visit day with developer
  9. Decision Day
  10. Initiate Contract


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