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SGO Franchise Support

Our support team's mission is to successfully launch your business then help you make is a big success. They will work with you on every aspect of your business from studio site selection, marketing, fabrication, employees and finances. The support team will work with you indefinitely - not just for a few weeks but every step of the way!

Two of the biggest typical questions are "how do I find the right studio location?" and "what kind of sales are involved – I’ve never really done that!"

Site Selection

Our franchisees typically locate SGO Designer Glass franchises near complementary businesses in the construction and design fields. These locations provide the ingredients for successful real estate location: visibility, accessibility and customer traffic.

Locating next to other popular consumer-oriented companies, maintaining similar retail operating hours and carrying a full array of decorative glass products helps define SGO Designer Glass as the preferred provider for decorative glass solutions in the markets we serve.


Once you have secured your real estate, our Support Staff works with you every step of the way and is available to answer your questions, when you need them answered.

Getting in front of business clients

We have an in-house appointment setting program available for our franchisees. You have the option of having all of your business to business appointments set for you by our support team. We set the appointment, you show up and build the relationship!

Many of our franchisees love building their designer, architect, window, kitchen, bath, glass, and other showroom relationships through our ‘satellite appointment setting service’. This program is great for the franchisee who loves creating new relationships for their business, but hates to cold call.

Management and Technical Guidance:

SGO’s In-house team of experts will work with you on design, fabrication or implementation issues that you may encounter in the field. With the leadership of our Director of Franchise Support, you will build an AFP (Annual Financial Plan) each year that becomes the roadmap for your business activity and regularly scheduled support interactions. We have a full menu of activities that are scheduled around your business year including;

Support Calls
These regularly scheduled calls are the touchpoints throughout the year so we can all keep track of where your business is headed. We believe that multiple interactions that focus on your business results and activities are the best way to ensure that you are on the right track!

Business Reviews & P&L Analysis
These in-depth analyses are performed to isolate the various factors that are contributing to your success. From show room layout, merchandise mix, employee scheduling, marketing activities, partnership ROI to overhead and budgeting; these reviews are a “deep dive” into your business to look objectively and thoughtfully at every aspect of your operations. These are then benchmarked against “best in class” performers so you can see what opportunities you have for improvement.

Field Visits
We are a face to face company and believe that face to face meetings provide invaluable opportunities for us to work together. Our start up team members travel to meet with you in your studio to visually and personally go over the various aspects of your business as well as go on sales calls to your best business clients to strengthen the relationship.


SGO offers multiple conferences throughout the year to keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments in our franchise system. These culminate in the SGO Designer Glass International Conference and Exposition held every year. This conference is attended by franchisees and our partners to meet, share ideas and grow their businesses.

Regional Meetings

At the mid-point of each year, we have meetings in the various regions that we provide service to. These are opportunities for the franchisees in the different geographical regions to get together and discuss regional issues related to their business as well as to meet directly with SGO Corporate team members and partners.

Franchisee Intranet

The SGO Intranet site is a continually updated site that links our many franchise partners around the world together. In addition to multiple photo assets, advertising layouts, graphics and designs; the intranet site hosts a powerful live discussion forum where franchisee’s can exchange ideas or elicit help on a range of topics from the network.

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