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SGO Investment

For about $115,000, You can start "Designing a New Life"
There are 2 parts to the investment - the one you make in us and the one you make in yourself.
$49,500.00 - is the SGO Designer Glass Franchise Fee. With this you will receive:

  1. An exclusive territory - a piece of the world that is yours!
  2. 2 weeks of training at our facilities in Orange County, California.
  3. A 21 Piece glass display package
  4. The SGO Design Software, a turn key design software package to design decorative glass panels.
  5. 1 year start up, training and administrative support to help you grow
  6. Proven marketing tools that produce effective results

The remainder is the investment you will make in yourself - the operating capital to get your business up and running.

If you're looking to experience limitless success and enjoy autonomy…

Design a New Life with SGO Designer Glass! With nearly 300 locations worldwide, we have the perfect territory for you!

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